10 minutes at the Nazareth Workshop

To work as a family, every day for 10 minutes, a tool of the workshop of Nazareth.

This May 16th we celebrated the 16th anniversary of the time St. John Paul II declared Father Manyanet “Holy”.
Although we are separated from the street, the world and regular daily life, it is a good time to be closer, closer together, more united in the love of Nazareth.
Let us live together the spirit of our home with our family by joining the Nazareth of heaven, as invited by St. Joseph Manyanet.
In these days we will work together with our parents and children a tool from the workshop of Nazareth to prepare the hearts of each one and light the fire of the home of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the midst of our table, of our house, of our lives.
Every day, let’s look for 10 minutes in the company of ours to visit the Holy Family spiritually.

Day 1. Wood
Day 2. Meter
Day 3. Pencil
Day 4. Saw
Day 5. Sandpaper
Day 6. Nails

This resource is taken from the blog REMEMBER (https://encarnacioncolomina.blogspot.com), a blog that wants to help those who live, from any vocational option, the spirituality of Nazareth.
Those of us who have the joy of continuing to weaving the history that began St José Manyanet and to which M. Encarnación Colomina joined, Co-founder who is now on her way to the altars, thus have the opportunity to know and deepen our history and charism to project and renew in the day to day our own identity.

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