Mobilize through the jungle. Go Bananas

Commitments: 6. Safeguarding and cultivating our common home 3rd Transformation: Organization Objectives: This project has the following objectives: Know the minerals necessary for the production of mobile phones and other technological products and the location and working conditions in the mines of extraction of these. Research on the negative effects caused by the extraction of […]

Consuming what we produce

Commitments: 6. Commit to study to find other ways of understanding economics—politics—growth, and progress 4th Transformation: Educational spaces Objectives: Educate to protect the environment and limit economic expenses. Description: This is a project started in March 2020 with the launch of the SDGs that focused on animal and plant production in our school in order […]

Fornecer uma Metodologia Inovadora!

Commitments: 1. Pessoa no centro do processo educacional. 2. Ouvir a voz de crianças-adolescentes e jóvenes 4th Transformation: Espaços de Aprendizagem Objectives: Através da proposta pedagógica Inovadora e Sustentável, seus alunos recebem uma educação de qualidade. Com a aplicação das Inteligências Múltiplas, desenvolvem-se em suas aptidões, descobrem suas paixões. São os Protagonistas de suas aprendizagens. […]

Evoluir é essencial!

Commitments: 1. EDUQUE E EDUQUE-NOS MESMOS para receber bem-nos abrir para os mais vulneráveis e marginalizados 3rd Transformation: Organization Objectives: Dar oportunidade de aprendizagem e participação a todos os estudantes. Fazer com que todos os estudantes se sintam incluídos no projeto educativo. Desenvolva o pensamento crítico e criativo nos estudantes. Que sejam protagonistas de seu […]

Self & Coach Moment

Commitments: 1. Person at the center of the educational process 2nd Transformation: Role of the Teacher-Role of the Student Objectives: That students learn to manage their own process of personal and academic growth.

Competencies for sustainable leadership

Commitments: 2.Listen to the voice of children-adolescents and young people. 3. Encourage the full participation of girls and young women. 2nd Transformation: Role of the Teacher-Role of the Student. 3rd Transformation: Organization Objectives: That students discover their potential to be leaders who contribute and transform their realities. Description: The methodological and curricular line of action […]

Accompanying families

Commitments: 4. Having the family as the first and indispensable educator 4th Transformation: Learning spaces Objectives: Respond to the particular needs of formation and accompaniment to parents, to provide tools that contribute to qualify as first and essential trainers of their children.

Every project is a “multiverse”

Commitments: 2. Listen to the voice of children-adolescents and young people 1st Transformation: Curriculum, Methodology, Evaluation. 4th Transformation: Educational Spaces Objectives: Students more participative and involved in the projects. Students aware of their own reality, who generate alternative solutions to their circumstances so as not to repeat (family) cycles. Students who take advantage of their […]

Vertical Garden: how to transform your school into an organic space

Commitments: 7. Find other ways of understanding economics, politics, growth and progress. 6. Care Common House 4th Transformation: Learning spaces Objectives: Reflection and awareness of the need for an individual and global commitment to environmental sustainability and climate change, from a scientific, technological, social, visual, emotional and experiential point of view.


Commitments: 5. Openness to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people 4th Transformation: Educational spaces Objectives: Promote spaces for group intervention from the accompaniment not only in the school context but also in the family context, pointing to issues of both mental health and well-being. Description: This formation is born from the need to accompany families […]

Dissemination of quality content

Commitments: 4. To have the family as the first and indispensable educator 3rd Transformation: Organization Objectives: Involve students, families, teachers and students in the Global Education Compact. Description: In our Institution we are always attentive to identify the training and accompaniment needs of our students and their reality, in this sense we seek to generate […]

For you, for me, for everyone. We are Nazareth Care

Commitments: 7. Safeguard and care for our common home. 2nd Transformation: Role of the student and Role of the Teacher Objectives: Promote the sustainable transformation of the school’s facilities, organization and educational program. Description: The young people of the Nazaret-Esplugues school are committed to caring for Mother Earth by promoting various projects that involve the […]

Make to Learn

Commitments: 7. Listen to the Student’s Voice 6. Care of the Common Home 1st Transformation: Curriculum-Methodology-Evaluation. 4th Transformation: Cultural Spaces Objectives: Let maker culture be centrist culture. Make the school a sustainable ecosystem of creativity and innovation Description: In the 2019-2020 academic year, a stage begins in which it is intended to publicize the maker […]

Projects with SDGs

Commitments: 6. Care of the Common Home. 4. Participation of girls and young people 1st Transformation: Curriculum-Methodology-Evaluation Objectives: Consolidate a Sustainable Education program, which links the principles of sustainability with the school curriculum, integrating the SDGs into projects.