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Nazareth Global Education


A charism that, inspired by the Spirit to St. Joseph Manyanet, "A Nazareth in Every Home"
From the conviction of the value of the human person and having as a model Jesus the Master, he is committed to bringing to the world human, intellectual, professional, spiritual and social excellence, through his educational mission, prioritizing the most disadvantaged places.


Nazareth's mission has no borders because part of the evangelical imperative "Go to everyone"
It is attentive to the needs of society, to which it responds by accompanying both people and educational works in their growth, and offering the best opportunities for this, with the conviction that education is an excellent evangelizing platform.


"Educating the Heart and Intelligence" (S. José Manyanet. Med. II, 13)
Our commitment to educational quality, which encompasses all the dimensions of the person, encourages us to seek and offer the best means that allow each one to follow their own learning journey to develop all their skills and put them at the service of others.


"This school is operating on a world's stage and not only on a Barcelona's stage".

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"The teachers, the students and the radically disruptive nuns who are leading a global learning movement."

The problem solvers

"Excellent workshop. It seems to me that a long time ago I wasn't so motivated to learn more and drive major changes. I think this change will be very good for our students."

Teacher in Quito, Ecuador