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Dissemination of quality content

Commitments: 4. To have the family as the first and indispensable educator

3rd Transformation: Organization

Objectives: Involve students, families, teachers and students in the Global Education Compact.


In our Institution we are always attentive to identify the training and accompaniment needs of our students and their reality, in this sense we seek to generate quality content aimed at the same students, teachers and their families, striving to find different channels of communication and documentation that really impact and favor a culture of participation and commitment to the education of children and young people.

We trust with this strategy, to favor a family and school environment conducive for our students to learn about self-care, caring for others and their planet, having strategies to respond to the challenges they encounter in their paths from reflection and active participation.

Some examples of these contents are:
– Parent schools on nutrition, responsible use of information and communication technologies, authority models, strategies to address poor academic performance, among others.
– Periodical publications of psychoeducational content, created by the psychologists of the Institution and presented through the website: One click family
– Spaces for prayer and celebrations of liturgical times in community with teachers, non-teaching staff, students and families.
– Meetings with students and parents in a personalized way both with tutors periodically and with the directives according to the needs of the families.