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“Emerging Learning Personalization +”, the book that bets on a new way of learning

Always attentive to changes in the world and the latest research, Nazaret Global Education publishes its latest and long-awaited book, “Emerging Learning Personalization +”, by the hand of the publisher Tekman Education.

Written by the world leaders in educational innovation Montserrat del Pozo, Núria Miró, Monika Horch and Cecilia Cortacans, the book is a practical guide aimed at teachers and educational leaders in which you will find strategies and resources to take the personalization of learning one step further, empowering the student to be autonomous and lead their own learning.

“Emerging Learning Personalization +” was born from an in-depth reflection on the innovations introduced in the schools of the network Nazareth Global Education Before the pandemic, as well as during it, to propose a transformation that students, teachers and centers must undertake to advance the future and know how to learn for an unpredictable tomorrow.

In the book, the authors give us the keys to ensure that the student is able to make decisions, choose paths and fight for their goals, becoming the protagonist of their own learning. In an autonomous student capable of self-directing their learning and self-evaluation.

It also offers the keys for teachers to help students achieve their goals and be masters of their present and future.

“Emerging Learning Personalization +” also analyzes the problems presented by the current world situation, becoming a guide for teachers and schools to put the student at the center of the teaching-learning process.

The book includes a wide variety of topics ranging from the protagonism of the student to the involvement of the family environment -through other relevant topics such as the curriculum, methodologies, evaluation, the role of the teacher and the student, organization and learning spaces-. It also proposes a way of designing blended learning that takes advantage of technologies for personalization. Likewise, it brings together the current concerns of the educational world while offering solutions focused on transforming them into great opportunities.

“Emergent Learning Personalization +” wants to transform our schools and institutions into learning communities. To accompany you in the process, on its pages you will find invitations to joint reflection and a multitude of examples, strategies, cases, templates and practical resources to make it happen.

A book that does not end in itself but gives access to a digital platform that does not stop growing. With new resources, dynamics and examples of activities to apply directly in the classroom.

Don’t miss out on your “Emerging Learning Personalization +” copy. Get it here!

Want to know more about “Emerging Learning Personalization +”? Montserrat del Pozo tells you all the details about this new way of learning in this video.