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Mobilize through the jungle. Go Bananas

Commitments: 6. Safeguarding and cultivating our common home

3rd Transformation: Organization

Objectives: This project has the following objectives:

  • Know the minerals necessary for the production of mobile phones and other technological products and the location and working conditions in the mines of extraction of these.
  • Research on the negative effects caused by the extraction of these minerals on the natural environment and possible alternatives to their use or extraction in countries such as Congo
  • Reuse mobile phones and computers and reduce the unsustainable demand for components.
  • Contribute to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity in Africa.
  • Sensitize the immediate environment to the consequences that our high demand for coltan, cassiterite and other minerals for electronic products has on our environment and in places of origin, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Sensitize and raise awareness in the immediate environment (students, families and neighborhood) about the need to increase the useful life of technological products.
  • Raise funds for sustainable development, education and conservation programs in the Congo Basin and Senegal.