Training for educational innovation


Teacher training

Training program for all teachers and principals of a school
- Direct training for all teachers and directors
- Three modules over three years
- Certification for teachers


Teacher teaming

Training for teams of schools that can train the other teachers of the school
- Training for teams of teachers and leaders
- Training offered through organizations
- Teams train teachers at their school


Online teacher training

Teacher training platform to complement face-to-face training
- Courses that schools and organizations can use
- Face-to-face and remote training (blended)
- Customized itineraries for change

0ther services


Spiritual Journeys

Because the engine of action always resides in prayer, and strength is born within, we offer:
- Experiences of silence, deepening and days of retreat in our homes of spirituality
- The opportunity for pilgrimages to Rome, places of the cradle of our founders and the road to Santiago


Hubs Nazareth

Aware of the need to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in young people, there is a specific area dedicated to the creation of HUBs in different countries:
- Cultural space: Innovation, Creativity, Spirituality and Meaning
- Social entrepreneurship spaces


Work camps

The Congregation offers the possibility of carrying out an educational work camp in mission:
- Teaching professional cooperation projects
- Volunteering projects


Global competence

Students have opportunities to research the world, recognize perspectives, act to improve and communicate ideas
- International Education
- Service Learning
- Research