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Project “Everything runs smoothly”

Commitments: 7. Find other ways to understand economics, politics, growth and progress

1st Transformation: Curriculum, Methodology, Evaluation.


  • Promote in the educational center, the use of the bicycle as a means of transport friendly to the environment.
  • Know and integrate into the culture of Bogotá -prioritized during the last ten years- in the inclusion of the bicycle as a habitual means of transport. Have a real impact on the family economy.
  • Promote the health and well-being of people through physical exercise that involves the use of bicycles and the added values that this practice brings to mental health.
  • Improve mobility in the sector, at the time of entering and leaving school.
  • Raise with other institutions and/or schools the importance of cycling to contribute to the development of the SDGs proposed for the 2030 agenda, proposing a proposal that can be replicated in their own contexts


The project “everything runs on wheels” seeks to promote and facilitate the use of bicycles by all members of the educational community, initially, for the transfer from home to school. All this in order to impact different areas of the development of some SDGs: improve physical and mental health, take care of the environment, favor the family economy and model behaviors that can be replicated for other aspects of family mobility and for institutions that want to follow this proposal.

The project consists of four stages:

In the first, aspects related to the proper use of this means of transport, knowledge of traffic regulations, adaptation of the city for the use of bicycles, types of bicycles, care and maintenance of them are worked.

In a second moment, the implementation of the project begins with pilot experiences in which students, teachers and other employees travel from their homes to school by bicycle.

In the third phase On the one hand, the aim is to carry out an evaluation of the pilot experience in order to project the pertinent adjustments to the processes; on the other hand, to extend to all members of the educational community who wish to do so the possibility of traveling to school by bicycle; Finally, continue strengthening and systematizing training processes in all aspects concerning knowledge, care and safe travel in this means of transport.

The last phase It has the following two objectives: Measure the real impact on the family economy, on the improvement of the environment, on physical and mental health, and if it has favored mobility in school environments at the time of entry and exit of students and staff. And communicate to other external institutions and / or schools, the experience of the project “everything runs on wheels” in order to extend the use of bicycles to other populations with all that this entails for the benefit of the city and its inhabitants.