Tripod Learning 1 Training

We share the training on Tripod Learning (Day 1) organized by Do Ties (Argentina) and Nazareth Global Education.

M. Mar’s participation in Tekman’s Webinar

Interventions by M.Mar S. Izuel, titular director Col. Montserrat (Nazareth Innovative Schools), in the Webinar organized by Tekman in times of the Covid19 pandemic. Sharing vision and pedagogical strategy in uncertain and complex times. Schools are closed but learning has not stopped in the hands of so many #profesinnovadores the world.

Tripod Learning 2 Training

Here you can listen again to the training on Tripod Learning (2) organized by Do Ties (Argentina) and Nazareth Global Education.


A student from Nazareth Porto explains her learning process during this time, reflecting on successes, difficulties, progress and lessons learned.

Campaign #quédateencasa

Creation of videos with the #quédatencasa campaign, where students from the U.E. Velaz institution performed with the idea of motivating
families who didn’t leave the house for the duration of the

A remote project

Students explain how they have carried out the “Red Hot” project of Physics and Chemistry from home.

Roundtable “Re-evolution of Education”

Roundtable “Re-evolution of Education” of @HacerLazos,
@NazaretGlobal and @tekmaneducation
#NazaretColegiosInnovadores present with @marizuel and