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New training for teachers from Nazareth Global Education and Making Ties

How to ensure that students are protagonists of their own learning, developing the skills they need in the XXI century?

If you want to empower yourself to create and accompany personalized learning environments, this training is for you! A training in action through very practical modules and full of real tools. The goal: that everything you do in the training you can share and put into practice in your own school on Monday!

Hacer Lazos and Nazareth Global Education: a long experience transforming education together

Since 2018, Hacer Lazos and Nazaret Global Education have trained together, face-to-face and in Buenos Aires, more than 600 teachers from more than 100 schools.

For its part, Nazareth Global Education has a long history of training in educational innovation in the 5 continents, training more than 20,000 teachers and educational leaders from more than 1,000 schools around the world.

The objective of the training

Create learning communities that generate a spiral of growth and are multipliers of educational change for personalized learning that takes advantage of the opportunities of technology.

How is it structured?

Each year, the training consists of 1 face-to-face or streaming module and 3 online modules:

· Duration of training: 3 years (from 2022 to 2024)
· Four modules per year
· Modality: Blended

Year 1 Program:

Module 1

PRESENCIAL in Buenos Aires (16 hours) or via live STREAMING (16 hours)

· Generate the need for change
· Multiple Intelligences
· Design of Comprehension Projects (Thinkö)
· Cooperative Learning

Module 2

ONLINE (6 hours)

· Blended Learning Basics
· Theoretical framework for effective learning
· Headings
· Project Tuning

Module 3

ONLINE (6 hours)

· Authentic and Competency Assessment
· Portfolio

Module 4

ONLINE (6 hours)

· Transformations for sustainable innovation
· Presentation of good practices

You will find all the information about dates, times and fees of Year 1 of the training here.

If you want to consult the program of years 2 and 3 of the training, you can do it here.

What do those who have already done it think of the training?

“All educators who want a different world have to start by making our schools different.” Mariana Gallagher, Deputy Academic Director of Michael Ham School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“When a person is already transformed and there is a change in him, it is impossible for him to continue working in the same way.” Patricia Arocena, Regional Director of Fe y Alegría in Uruguay.

“Through this transformation that we want to achieve, what we do is set concrete goals to achieve those dreams. That is, we are making transformations in the school with concrete plans so that he can apply what he learned at school and so that he can share it with others.” Mariana Gallagher, Deputy Academic Director of Michael Ham School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Teachers who have already participated in the training in educational innovation of Nazaret Global Education and Hacer Lazos tell us in the following videos what this transformation has meant for them. Don’t miss his testimony!

Video summary of the latest edition of the training
What do you take away from this training? Participants give their testimony.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to empower yourself to create and accompany personalized learning environments Let’s continue transforming education together and make each student the protagonist of their learning journey!Je! Sign up here!

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Do you have doubts? Send an email to: or call tel. +54 9 11 6161-7689

And if you want to know more about the training services for educational innovation of Nazareth Global Education, enter here.